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Charter Communications® is the Secret to Huge Savings on all your Entertainment, Phone, and Internet Needs

We all look forward to a lot of things each month - spending time with our family, catching a new blockbuster movie, dining at our favorite restaurant. But one thing none of us take pleasure in doing each month is paying our bills. No one wants to deal with that stack of envelopes we have to go through and the checks we have to write. After mortgage or rent bills, the principal expenditure you face may be your cable, Internet, and telephone charges. Everyone seems to get bigger and bigger month after month. Well now you can stop paying preposterous bills to different companies by signing up for bundled services through Charter Communications®. Just one low monthly charge for all three services. And what do you get for such a low amount? Read on and see - I think you'll discover yourself wonderfully surprised. Order Charter Communications® Services Today!

Purchase Charter Bundled Services and Save Money

Why bundle your telephone, Internet, and entertainment services into one bill with Charter Communications®? By combining all three services together Charter Communications® can provide customers an incredible low price that no company can compete with. Not only do you spend less, but by uniting internet, telephone, and cable television services Charter Communications® can deliver the latest technology and the highest rated customer support without increasing rates. All you have to do is lie back, relax, and find the best entertainment and telephone services offered now. And if you're just interested in one of the services available from Charter Communications®, don't worry. You can also take advantage of the unmatched savings Charter Communications® gives customers through bundled services by buying each great service independently. Next, I will give you details about each service and explain why Charter Communications® can't be beat.

Charter Internet® Plus: Your Ticket to the Information Highway

Are you still trailing behind in the technology slow lane with dial-up internet service? Are you irritated with the cost and undependability of DSL? Did you know that Charter offers incredible downloads speeds up to 30Mbps? Hop into the fast lane with Charter Internet® Plus employing the latest technologies Charter delivers the greatest most reliable high-speed internet service offered today. Web pages, documents, files, music, podcasts, and videos will download nearly at once with Charter Internet® Plus. Stop waiting while tying up the phone line, and if you have more than one computer in your house, no longer do you have to take turns using the internet. Now everyone in your household can enjoy Internet all at the same time and with up to ten e-mail accounts, everyone can have their own personal email accounts too!

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling to the US, Canada & Puerto Rico with Charter Phone® Unlimited

With Charter Phone® Unlimited you get the best quality digital telephone phone offered at exceptionally low rates. It works just like your ordinary telephone service. You don't have to get new phones or change your telephone number. All you have to do is order the service from Charter Communications® and then call your existing telephone company and tell them you're done paying enormous fees and minute charges for all time. For one low monthly charge, you get UNLIMITED local and long distance calls to the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico. No matter when you call or how long you talk, you pay the same simple low monthly rate. And will you still get all the bonus features with your new phone service? Definitely. Call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, free voice mail, and speed dial are all included. Charter Phone® Unlimited even makes available low rate international calling plans. How good is this service? Charter Communications® tacks on a money-back guarantee with its digital voice service. Visit charter.com/30day for full details. You can't lose!

Charter TV®: Unparalleled Entertainment and Customer Service

If you're still not certain how great Charter Communications® services are, wait until you find out about their cable television offer. Charter TV® sends digital quality programming directly into your living room. This includes 10,000+ On Demand options With a simple to use on screen menu guide, and Pay-Per-View Movies (PPV), Charter TV® delivers HDTV programming as well so you can make full use of that brand new wide-screen television and watch movies and TV shows in remarkable picture and sound quality. Charter TV® has 125+ channels with FREE HD channels included! With Charter TV® cable service, you get local channels at no further cost to you and every TV in your house is connected to Charter Communications® digital cable with no extra equipment needed. Order Charter TV® and you'll never watch TV the same way again. Order Charter Communications® Bundle Services!

Charter Communications has delivered exceptional cable television and service to their customers for decades. Now they've gotten even better by adding phone and internet services that beat the competition hands down. If you're ready to stop paying towering bills to telephone and internet companies call or order online from Charter Communications® today. With one low price for all three or each individual package and you'll save lots of money and enjoy the best telephone, entertainment presented!

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The Charter Bundle Package

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*See below for specific offer details and restrictions.
**HD channels may vary, check your local listings or the Channel Lineup tool for specific channels for your home.

*Charter Spectrum TV® Select - $59.99/mo for 12 mos
TV equipment required & is extra; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

*Charter Spectrum Internet® - $39.99/mo for 12 mos
$49.99/mo. Yr 2; standard rates apply after 1 year. Charter Internet modem is required & included in price; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

Charter Phone® Unlimited - $29.99/mo for 12 mos when bundled 
Bundle price is $89.97/mo. Yr 1 & $109.97/mo. Yr 2; standard rates apply after 2 years. Qualifying bundle includes Charter TV Select, Charter Internet Plus with speeds up to 30 Mbps and Charter Phone Unlimited. TV equipment required & is extra; Charter Internet modem is required & included in price; Phone taxes, fees, & surcharges are included in price; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.


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